Oracle LLC was founded in 2003.

The idea to create such sophisticated machines came to us due to our experience in cleaning book collections in libraries and archives. Facing again and again a hard and time-consuming process of book-dusting, we focused on working out a solution which could help to protect a librarian from inhaling hazardous substances, to simplify their work and to enhance its efficiency. Our philosophy was based on three simple principles: a proper book-cleaning process should not be harmful for health, it should not be exausting and, in the end, dusting should not take a librarian so long.

To achieve these ambitious goals we started to work at our first book-cleaning machine, which we called Depulvera…  


For now, Depulvera is our most famous and most sold machine. It is a completely automatic device, which dusts each item inserted just with one passage. Potentially, Depulvera can clean up to 15 books per minute with two operators. With its natural horse-hair brushes it ensures soft and proper dusting. Along with that a Hepa Vacuum cleaner of a high capacity removes dust properly, preventing any dispersion to the environment. A librarian can work safely without any risk of inhaling dust and perform a sharp cleaning from the first book to the last one. 

Oracle LLC is the only player in the international market, that offers this kind of innovative technology. Today around 400 our machines are operating effectively throughout the world in libraries, museums, archives and even private collections.