Depulvera is our most famous automatic machine for dusting books, that is created to simplify the process of cleaning book collections with no harm for an operator’s health. The machine can operate with 95% of the book-formats presented in a library . Either ancient books or modern books. With one passage Depulvera can clean all the external parts of a book.
It works in combination with a Hepa vacuum cleaner. More than 200 machines are in use in libraries around the world for now. Depulvera book-cleaning machine g
uarantees an excellent dusting for your collection



Pulvisina is a small and economical machine for dusting books. Its great advantage is the possibility of placing the machine on a library desk or a transport trolley. As an option, it can be mounted on Ergocar adjustable on height and moved around the library.

With three passages the machine cleans all the parts of a book.

Pulvisina is equipped with a small Hepa vacuum cleaner


L’aura is a semi-automatic machine for archives. 

This machine is the best solution for cleaning large-format materials, which we can find in archive collections quite often (large-format books, folders, files and other paper materials). 

There are two versions of the machine available: Standard and Maxi ( up to 600 mm in height)
Both versions are equipped with a Hepa vacuum cleaner as well as other our machines.


Spirabilia is a conservation box for excellent cleaning and safe restoration. It is created for operations with fragile books, maps and other important paper materials, dated back up to the fourth\fifth centuries.
The machine is equipped with a main Hepa vacuum cleaner with a dust container of high capacity. Spirabilia is a perfect solution for museum, ethnographic, geological and natural history collections.
There is also a
sanitizer-system available as an optional item for the machine Spirabilia. It works through the use of the UV-C light and allows quick sterilization for the item inserted.


Nebula is an automatic solution for disinfection of paper materials such as books, folders, registers etc. Nebula can perfectly substitute manual labour. There is no more risks of inhaling biocides during the treatment. The results of disinfection process in the machine are the same as the results of manual cleaning for any item inserted.
A biocidal action that we apply in Nebula-machine covers a wide range of microrganisms, bacteria, fungi and some types of viruses.
Nebula-machine consists of two separated cameras. Each of them is installed in the platform with wheels, so that an operator can divide the machine into two parts in case of transportation through a narrow space, such as corridor, doorway of an elevator. The process of division and joining is very simple. In the nebulization camera a book undergoes a QAC-treatment, and then, in the next camera it is dried.