Manual book-cleaning process unfortunately takes usually a lot of time. 

There are hundreds of thousands of books placed on multiple shelves in libraries and museums around the world. 

All of them need to be dusted at least ones a year. 

This work can take librarians several months and the dust released by manual cleaning can seriously harm health. Apart from that such a hard and tedious process can be quite discouraging for library staff. 

How can we make this process safer and faster?

Solve your problem with our Book Cleaning Machines


Breathe in a clean library.

Stop inhaling dust. Avoid allergic reactions and respiratory pathologies


Regular dusting - is the best method, which you can apply to preserve your book collection. Our automatic system ensures a perfect cleaning from the first book to the last one.


Due to the dimensions of the machine it can be easily moved between shelves, so that an operator can have access to the books


Our machines can save your from high labour costs. Depulvera ideally substitutes manual labour and provides you with perfect results after an effective automatic cleaning.

There are many ways to remove dust from books

Our first machine Depulvera was created to simplify book-cleaning process and to protect librarians from hazardous impact, that they can take while cleaning. Depulvera is an ideal solution either for ancient books and papers or for modern ones. A Hepa filter, which is connected with the machine,  guarantees operators a safe environment during all the process.

Apart from our famous Depulvera we would be glad to offer you a wider  range of other our machines, which can be suitable for different requirements. Find the best way to clean your books faster!

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